Zoho CRM will provide your team with a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle. Automate lead distribution, discover trends, identify opportunities, optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Develop a Custom CRM Solution

ClearTail will work closely with your team to create a CRM solution that meets your needs. Automatically assign leads, monitor sales rep activity, organize accounts and contacts, track quoting and motivate your team to sell more.
Automate Lead Distribution
Push leads from your marketing efforts into your crm then automatically assign and notify the appropriate sales rep.
Monitor Sales Rep Activity
Create detailed activity reports to ensure your team is reaching out to leads and expanding current accounts.
Setup Accounts and Contacts
Organize accounts and contacts to achieve a clear understanding of your customer’s purchase history, profile, and points of contact.
Track Your Quotes
Create complete transparency of outstanding quotes to identify status of each quote.
Sales Reports
Visually analyze your sales data with dashboards and detailed reports.
Motivate Your Sales Team
Create contests that push your sales team to focus on the right action to generate more revenue.

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