Spend More Time With Qualified Leads

Stop wasting time calling cold leads, implement a lead score threshold then focus on leads that become highly active.
Identify Web Visitors
Place tracking code on your website to begin identifying companies interested in your business.
Notify Sales Team
Set up form fills to trigger notifications directly to your sales team as soon as a lead contacts your company.
Drive Web Traffic
Upload your customer and potential customer emails to drive traffic to your website.
Score Leads
Automatically qualify leads with a custom Lead Scoring model tailored for your company.
Automated Communication
Communicate with qualified leads on a personal level with automated replies.
Track Results
Set up campaigns to track which marketing efforts your leads are coming from.
Integrate with CRM
Set up CRM integration to automatically feed leads to sales.
Setup complete!
Complete! You have now tied your marketing with your sales effort, and your team can now spend more time speaking with qualified leads.