Link revenue directly to your marketing efforts. Reallocating your budget based on what is working.

Track Which Campaigns Are Working

The campaign tracking tool allows you to identify which marketing campaigns are generating leads and revenue.
Campaign Tracking
Generate leads and follow them through their final sale to understand which campaigns generate revenue.
Email Marketing ROI
Optimize emails by monitoring opens, clicks, deliveries, bounces and unsubscribes.
Google Adwords Integration
Track leads generated by google adwords to understand which campaigns are increasing revenue.
Track Leads After They Click Through Emails
Monitor every page visit, form fill submitted and white­paper downloaded.


Call Tracking
Identify which campaigns are generating phone calls to your business.
Multi­Device Tracking
Monitor lead activity as they interact with your online materials from multiple devices: Desktops,laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Track Multiple Sites
Follow identified web visitorsacross multiple websites, blogs and landing pages to gain a full picture of which online materials are motivating a sale.
Drip Email Analysis
Optimize drip campaigns by breaking down engagement stats for each email then make adjustments to improve your campaigns.

The Campaign Dashboard