Make sure your business listings are accurate

73% of potential customers lose trust in a brand when they discover listings that are incorrect. When a consumer dials the wrong phone number, where will they go next? Correct! They will go to competitors who have accurate business listings.

Claim Your Listings and Boost Your Local SEO

By claiming and updating your business listings to the correct information, you will not only decrease the amount of customers you are sending to competitors, but you will also increase your SEO rankings and gain more exposure to customers online.

Business Listing Management

Listings Management tool

builds a strong online presence by:
  • Updating major directories with accurate data on sites like Google, Facebook, and Bing

  • Syndicating your business listings on over 300 sites that dominate local search

  • Claiming all listing then repairing them

Listing Management Tool

Business Listing Reports

Business Listing Reports

Business listing data is difficult to analyze because it is spread all over the web, but it is critical to understand how your listings are performing to ensure that you are not missing opportunities online.

Our listing management tool provides real-time monitoring of all business listings to ensure accuracy of your information on over 300 sites that can be updated by third parties without you knowing. You will know exactly how your business appears online with our business listing reports.